In addressing the Field of the Christ and similar fields, I will choose a very practical approach and try not to get too theoretical in the hope that you maybe can find a way into this field, which can be a bit confusing, since it is not per definition only external but also internal.

We have the seed of Christ within us already, and the Field of Christ is also an external force. The cool thing is to create a loop between us and that field. Such a loop is obviously very powerful: Life changing, transcending and a way to wake up. May I say, the real awakening lies spiritually within the field of the Enlightened Ones.

In order to explain the Field of the Christ, I will have to explain some concepts so we will know what I am pointing to. These concepts, I’m well aware, contradict many religious ideas and also highly contradict the ‘Awakening’ in mainstream awakening.

I am quite comfortable with that, since concepts distorted seem to be the new trend as goes for a lot of stuff out there.

Let me start with the phrase: Awake.

Mainstream awakening seems to have hijacked that word, which is not just a word, but a state of mind.

I ran into the concept of being ‘Awake’ about 20 years ago. The phrase, or the state of mind, came from the esoterics within religion. I wrote my first book in the early 80s and the first chapter was called: Awake’

What I targeted by using that phrase, was leaving boxed-in religion and exploring the esoterics. Learning by doing, seeing if the spiritual mechanics outlined in the stories of Jesus, St. Francis and others actually could fuel: Miracles, Healing, Enlightenment and so on. They really could and we are still exploring the dynamics.

The esoterics are more or less the same, whether it would be Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist or plugging into Indigenous spirituality. The problem with the last is that we have to take some superstitions into account and dismiss them, not very different from Christianity, since we don’t know how much the powers that be have altered them to fit into their own abusive, suppressing and often evil agendas. I trust, dear reader, that you, like I, have your own ideas and take on what’s been distorted and what has not.

Then, as said, practicing both Christian esoteric meditations and the meditations from the ‘East Church’ they went cross-cultural, with the dynamics more or less the same, since the same awe, insights and Bliss can be found in the words of Yogananda, The Yoga Sutras and other inspired writings and personifications of the Field of the Christ.

I often state that an awakened spirituality holds no contradictions, because the Field of the Christ is a field also aligned with the field of ancient saints. Yogananda, for one — had on his bedside table, a picture of his Guru, Jesus and Krishna.

As I see it, there are four main paths in the present use of the ‘Awake’ term.

The first corresponds to the Matrix, the Control System and only deals with that. I call them the ‘demolition’ crew and it’s much needed, so all good. They don’t pretend to know the answer to: What comes after, and I like when folks are unpretentious.

The second is way more problematic:

It targets the Matrix and the Powers That Be and all frequencies of religion. No Jesus (fake), no Saints and what have we. Then it operates on slogans like: ‘We are all One’, ´We are Consciousness’. Seems like the routine is to post anti-spiritual stuff only and in between put up some slogan, usually a picture with a text within the field of what I just mentioned.

The problematic part is, there are many, this is the main one:

You cannot take people’s experienced spiritual celestial or esoteric encounters down by default and denounce them as being not awake.
They are entering, if you empower them to do so, the most pristine room that you have both in your mind and in your heart and having said that: When you have these genuine private experiences of the God force or the Celestial, it’s not a question of mind or heart anymore, since mind and heart become one as a result of these experiences or in-depth beliefs, which are not formed by Big Religion, but formed by You only and your interactions with what you perceive to be Celestial.

In-depth spirituality is when you start to question your beliefs — it can sound contradictive but it really isn’t. Because when you start questioning them, you start debating ‘official’ religion in a world where spirituality hardly goes as a label for people who use religion and their church only as a ‘life insurance’. Better pray, love Jesus.
Has nothing to do with spirituality. Has everything to do with the Church version of a ticket to the afterlife.


When people have mystical experiences either through meditation, plugging into the field of the beloved saints or tripping on psychedelics, it forms neurological pathways in the brain that simply weren’t there before. Indian Rishis, Gurus, Jesus knew that and so does cutting edge neuroscience.

Let’s say that you get seduced by this and dump all of your personal spiritual experiences in the trash can on the account of ‘not feeling awakened’. These pathways are still there and they would need some traffic still and who gets to ride them, yes:

The self proclaimed Awakened, who haven’t got a clue, either because they are too lazy or are in it for the power trip. Watch out for that. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across an ‘Awake Manifesto’. What? Should that really be needed? Manifestos are decrees and are meant to be followed. Last time I read a manifesto, it was from some communist party.

There are no pre-given roads to the mundane awakening and there should be no such thing as a Manifesto. If I had any doubt in my mind as to the motives, which I didn’t, they sure would have been eradicated for good.


When you wake up from a surface-based spiritualty to an in-depth spirituality you start to architect your life with the fields of the Saints and especially the Field of the Christ, in your own way.

When you make that spiritual quantum leap, you leave the flock and become you.
Naked, before the Celestial you will stand, the Via Dolorosa you will walk and there will be a cross for you at the end of that. In other words: You will get crucified as a metaphysical or emotional event not a physical one. All because you now have found the strength to be you with your ‘God’ and no way you’re going back.

That is metaphysically both the sweet, sweet promise and the hurting pain.
That’s where we cry a lot. That’s where we hurt a lot. That’s where we are knee high in the quicksands of soulful despair.
That is where we sense the Holiness and the Glory of it all and have to fall to the ground in awe and bliss.

Many of us have been there. It is called the dark, dark night of the soul and once you’re saved from that roaring darkness, you refuse all but the Light. Going down that path is the path of the many deaths — ego deaths.

I differ on Jesus and The Christ because Jesus is the way to the Field of Christ and Jesus had a lot of pain, doubts and ridicule (ring a bell?).

The Matrix or the Control System killed him and when they did, Jesus transcended/ascended into The Christ. People I know and work with have more or less the same struggle as Jesus had. I´m not saying they are equivalent to Jesus, but either knowingly or unknowingly, they meet the same obstacles. Suffering because of their ideas, kindness mistaken for weakness, visions of a world at peace, no vaccines and such. We individualize!

Wishing to cast out evil and its nasty deeds. In this day and age it’s very clear — you’re a hippie and a tree hugger or a conspiracy theorist and a filthy anti vax’er (as they say in Australia).

No, you are becoming YOU. An Individual, more attuned to The Verstical Axis — than the Mundane horizontal Axis.

So we each have to face these trials if we want to connect with these mystical fields which is the end of the road as goes for suffering, doubts, ridicule, targets for far away laughter and what have we.

Esoterically speaking: When we really mean it, the Field of the Christ will show itself. It cannot reveal itself through self-deception; it comes with a price of equal amounts of bliss, joy, spiritual depression, feeling of being lost, physical pains, tremendous love and tremendous fierceness. When all this has settled, The Christ will show — and we´re home again.
Holy, holy combined with a huge chunk of humble pie.

An absolutely stunning thing is: That the mundane awakening, the first one I pointed to, doesn’t make you spiritually awake as a hidden dynamic within itself.

The second I pointed to is but mere distraction and counter-spiritual.

The spiritual path by the Saints, Rishis, Seers and Gurus has the dynamic within itself, which means that having these experiences of touching the Field of the Christ will provide an awakening to the hollowness, nastiness and wrongdoings of the Matrix or the Control System since their actions will not in any way correspond with what’s in your soul and heart anymore, so you will leave it along with its recent display of what that entity is really all about.
It has never been this clear before. Fascism uncovered and straight in our face!
That is the gift of this sordid reality.

You simply can’t go there no more.
We do not at this point have the luxury of choice anymore.

You start to see the Matrix world as we know it, as hollow, of no value, as a distracting veil upon your eyes and you start to remove that.

That my friend is the true essence of the word and concept of being Awake.

And that is why both the Matrix and the Mainstream Awakening try to destroy it. None of these entities actually want you to think and feel for yourself. They want to define it, calling it liberation. Well, it is not, it is another fancy entrapment with no nutritious value for the soul other than empty slogans, neatly wrapped in.

Let’s bring some true spiritual awakening back into this world. It has been hijacked and it would like its freedom back.

Rise Lazarus, Rise — You Have Been Dead, Now You Are Awake.

© 2022 Soren Dreier — Services

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655321 — A star crystallized in the intimacy of the supernal Sun Invisible in that intensity of Light Divine

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655321 — A star crystallized in the intimacy of the supernal Sun Invisible in that intensity of Light Divine

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