New year, new sales records, and new legalization efforts…

Welcome to your first of 2022 — your roundup of the biggest headlines coming out of the cannabis industry, tailored for investors.

If you’ve seen my latest series, then you already know that I’m expecting some major developments in the cannabis industry in 2022. (You can hear the rest of my 11 predictions for your pot stocks this year by clicking here.)

One of the predictions I’m most confident in is that we’ll see more states open their doors to legal cannabis sales in 2022, creating more moneymaking opportunities for you and the companies you’re invested in.

And only a few days into the new year, we already have a full list of states with new legalization efforts in the works.

Between new pushes for legalization and current markets continuing to break their own sales records, these states are setting the tone for cannabis’ biggest year to date.

And you better believe your favorite cannabis companies are ready to profit…

New Year, New State Markets

Record Sales Ring in the New Year

To prepare your portfolio for all of the new money to be made from cannabis investing this year, you can access my list of the top companies to own in Maryland here, Pennsylvania here, and Ohio here — three of the states topping my legalization watchlist.

And if you’re interested in making some additional money from another emerging industry in 2022, my colleague put together this list of the top psychedelics stocks to own so you can take full advantage of this underground industry’s explosive profit potential. Click here to learn more.

To your investing success,

Danny Brody
Executive Director,

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