Ketamine Therapy Is Best Under Supervision

Until recently (and still in most cases), ketamine was only administered under very controlled conditions. Patients had to be deemed eligible — meaning they were diagnosed with a treatment-resistant form of depression. They had to have tried at least three rounds of antidepressants (usually SSRIs).

Ketamine Therapy On Your Couch

While these practitioners feel in person supervision is essential, there’s a third option to ketamine therapy that has gotten a supercharged boost during the rise of telehealth during covid: remote therapy, which lacks an in person sitter at your session entirely. Startups like Mindbloom and My Ketamine Home do initial screenings of simple mental health questions and residential eligibility before signing clients up for mail delivery of six ketamine lozenges. Patients take the lozenges themselves, at home, and then discuss the experience with an assigned virtual therapist afterward.



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