The Athens, Texas-based National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) said that Tony Flammia is now its director of sales and marketing.

A Florida native who has been full-time RVing since 2017, Flammia is responsible for developing plans to reach other full-time RVers, people looking to change careers and others who are seeking business opportunities as RV inspectors and technicians.

“My goal is to make NRVTA a household name, especially among RV owners,” Flammia said. “We want RVers to think of NRVTA as the go-to place for help in getting an RV repaired or inspected or learning how to perform those services.”

The organization said that with RV sales rising rapidly this year, there are not nearly enough certified RV inspectors to meet consumer demand, and people must sometimes wait months to get their RVs fixed.

Flammia said he will seek ways to promote NRVTA’s branded training programs for registered, certified and master certified technicians, as well as certified inspectors. Much of his focus will be on creating video content to share individual stories and demonstrate how to fix common problems with RVs.

“People are calling NRVTA every day asking about our training programs,” said Terry Cooper, NRVTA president, who noted the staff answered as many as 25 calls per day in June.

Despite there being a plethora of information online about how to fix problems with RVs, a lot of the advice offered by well-intentioned RVers can be very dangerous to follow, said Cooper. “We must be proactive in proving safe, reliable and accurate advice to RVers,” he added.

“Tony will be a valuable addition to our team, not only because of his understanding of the RV lifestyle, but due to his creativity in producing content people are really searching for,” he said. “He has the skills and talent to help us grow by reaching our key demographic targets.”

Flammia plans to reach younger students by focusing on people who are just starting careers, like high school graduates and young adults. But, he’ll also craft messages to reach middle-aged people who find themselves on unfulfilling career paths working for other companies, as well as those people who have wanted to start their own business to have more money and flexibility, he said.

Prior to joining the NRVTA team, Flammia was an audio engineer and served as director of commercial

sales for an audio equipment company. Along with his wife, Mel, he is an online content creator as the founder of the Road Life Project and with his own blog, Hippie and the Tech. They also started the Fulltime RV Family Life Facebook group and YouTube channel to support other families RVing together for extended periods of time. The couple is traveling with two children.

Flammia’s email address is [email protected].

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