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When we are speaking about forecasts about next year, it’s very important for us to begin looking at last year, because it connects very, very strongly to this year, because it’s a continuation. Last year was a blue year. So it was a blue frequency. And when we’re talking about blue frequency, we are talking about trust, authenticity, loyalty, and speech, speech, speech, writing, reading. These things are very, very important, so what you read, what you write, how you speak. Are you able to find discernment and, understand if you’re being lied to you or not, if you’re being told the truth or not? Are you checking in with your own values? Because our own authenticity was tested to the maximum. When we’re in a light aspect of blue, we are authentic, we are trusting, we express openly, we express freely. We’re able to have opinions. We’re able to think, we’re able to do things independently in our own, but also understand how that affects the collective.

But when we’re in a shadow aspect of blue, we are omitted, we are not allowed to speak our truth. We are not allowed to think. We are unable to trust and we are even scared to seek the truth. And also we are as furthest as we can from our core values. So, before you even look at what this year is going to have for you, I would go back and check-in. What are my values? And how have I acted upon them or against them? And what is it that I need to correct? Because there is still time to correct. Mistakes are normal. We all make mistakes. We must be able to make mistakes and correct these mistakes. This is why we’re here as human beings, to learn.

And just checking in with your values, what you believe in, what you know. Excluding yourself from a narrative that we’ve seen that used, as you see, it’s a blue year so it really used your values as a narrative. It questioned your values. It questioned your compassion. It told you for you to be a compassionate person, this is what you must do, and only this. There was limited to the actions that would align you with your beliefs. So I urge you to go back before you even look at anything else, pause this video, before you look at next year, go back and ask yourself, what are my values? And, am I afraid to stand for my values, or do I not care?

And this is a big, big, big theme that also we saw last year is that I shouldn’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care enough because it’s too scary. Or it’s like, I don’t know enough, or I shouldn’t care. But internally you’re scared. And internally you care because this is getting closer and closer to home. This is why blue years are important because they come and knock at your door. So it’s been knocking at your door and you’ve been ignoring it. So the people who don’t care, you must start caring. You must start caring about your values. You must start caring about your beliefs. You must start caring before it’s to late.

And then, we come in into an indigo year. Indigo years are very, very interesting. Indigo years tell us, and talk to us about truth in a different way, in a justice way. It first begins with your internal justice compass. Are you being just with yourself? Are you being truthful in terms of treating yourself with that justice? Are you going within? Indigo is a feminine color. It’s a color that holds a lot of feminine energy. And when we’re talking about feminine energy, we’re not talking about women versus men. We are talking about the way this energy acts. So when we’re talking about feminine energy, we are talking about reflective energy. We are talking about checking in, going back. Also, the darker the color appears, the more within we go and the more answers within we find.

So the feminine here is asking, let’s silence, let’s go within, within, what is my internal lie detector saying? What is the warrior of truth that we all have within us saying about the collective? Indigo is a color that is not concerned about the individual. It is a color that is concerned about the collective. How this is the feminine energy again, how are my actions affecting the collective? What is going on in the collective? Is it really for the greater good? There’s always a reveal in indigo years. There’s always justice in an indigo year. I’m talking about a light aspect. Justice is a light aspect. Injustice is the shadow aspect. So it depends on us that we will see, depends on our choices.

We will see more injustice. We’ll continue on this relative injustice and destruction, or we can take a step back and go, let’s do things differently. Let’s really look at compassion. Let’s really expand our vision, our perspective, because right now our perspective is this much. Let’s all open it up so we can see this much. It’s very important, the collective perspective in this, expanding the perspective, making it bigger, letting it include many, many stories. We’re all human. We all have different, different stories, many stories to come, many stories already there. And for the collective to rise, compassion is very important. So we go back to the narrative of the blue year. Was it hateful? Was there any hate there? Hmm. I’ll let you answer that.

For the collective, are you going to care enough? Because the collective’s justice is your justice. So we’re talking about, am I giving myself what it deserves? Am I treating the world justly? Am I acting fairly with myself? Am I acting fairly with my fellow human beings? Am I going to be able to create a utopia, which is a beautiful, perfect world with love? And why not aim for that? It is a big message that we should start asking ourselves, not the fake utopia that we are being told and given the narrative of, really be careful, find discernment within yourself. It is a very critical time. And the solution to this critical time into this critical here is the feminine energy of compassion and love. Switch off that narrative and come up with your own.

There will be more messages to come about this indigo year as the year unfolds. But for now, let’s begin with reflecting on our values. Let’s begin by reflecting on how we’re affecting the other. Let’s begin on reflecting how we are influencing the law because there’s a lot of things that are happening that are illegal, that we were made to think are legal and therefore our silence and our misunderstanding of what’s going on is what’s going to lead to a lot of injustice. Let’s find justice. Let’s find the balance between the action and the reflection and the creativity. There are so many solutions and let’s begin to look at different solutions. Let’s begin to look at different narratives. Let’s begin to eradicate moving from fear. Let’s center back. Let’s center back. There’s power within you, we have just disconnected so much from the power within us, we’ve forgotten.

Finally, indigo years are big, big years for visualization. They’re big years of making things happen by visualizing and imagining them. But also it’s a big year of illusion. A lot of astrologists I have read are predicting a big year for psychedelics, and that aligns so much with indigo, with indigo that is escaping. I’m not saying that psychedelics are only for escaping, but most of us want to, so ground, so you don’t need to escape. So you can use all these psychedelics and interesting things that are coming to elevate your consciousness and expand your perspective and see things for what they truly are. And let us all gather in love.

Illusion, delusion. All of these things are coming, so ground and trust and reflect in you, within you and care. You need to care. If you don’t care, you are going to be made to care. I send you so much love and I’ll be updating you more and more with all the messages that keep coming. But for now, this is where we begin.

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